“Having been led as we believe by the Spirit of God…” on the last Sunday in July of 1983, a group of Baptist Believers met at the Northeast Creative Center, 1511 North. lr Street, Kansas City, Kansas. A meeting was called to order and chaired by Pastor Leroy Holmes. During this meeting, Sister Virginia Hollinshed served as Acting Secretary. It would later be decided upon to organize a church. The names suggested for the church were: United ‘Missionary, Pleasant Pasture, and Galilee Missionary Baptist Church.
On August 13, 1983, at 6:40 p.m., the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church was born. An Organizational Service was held at Fellowship Baptist Church, 1213 North 13th Street, Kansas City, Kansas. The Reverend Robert Moore was the host Pastor. During the Organizational Service, five (5) people were baptized.
Reverend Leroy Holmes, Pastor, made the following appointments to various offices; Acting Deacons: Abraham Belcher, Chairman; Thomas Bush, Albert Hollinshed and Albert Witherspoon. Five (5) Trustee
The choir began meeting in the home of Sister Donna Mason, 1725 Waverly, Kansas City, Kansas, who became our first pianist. The first official choir rehearsal was held in the home of Brother and Sister Thomas C. Bush.
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August 28th, 1983, Pastor Holmes called a meeting and at that time we began our quest for a permanent church home.. Pastor Holmes apointed a committee to check building sites. Our first site was located at 42nd and Walker, Kansas City, Kansas. Other sites and locations were: 17th and Yecker, 18th and Tauromee, and the 1600 block of 46th Street.
Within a year the Lord blessed us with a van donated by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company. In November 1983, Sister Laura Williams became our pianist.
OnAugust 28, 1984, Galilee was blessed with their first church home located at 111 S. 72nd Street, Kansas City, Kansas. A Dedication Service was held on September 2, 1984. Reverend C.L. Bachus, Pastor of the Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, offered prayer. Reverend Robert L. Baynham, Pastor of the Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, delivered the Message.
Since organization, Galilee has had ninety-four (94) members come by Christian experience, twenty-four (24) by letter, and twenty (20) candidates for baptism.
O July 26, 1987, the Youth Choir had their first Musical. Sister Katrina Minor was the pianist.
Rev. Elvin Crosby was called to the ministry, and served as one of our Associate Ministers along with Rev. John Brantley, Calvin Lewis, and Rev. Harold Wilkerson, Ill.
During the year of 1990, with thirty-eight (38) members known as “Faith Builders” the note on the church was retired. God blessed us with the Headstart Program during the year of 1991. Also during that year, Sister Rosemary Hicks-Sanders served as interim pianist. Also joining our Music Department was Sister Beverly Bizer.
In Mach 1991, three (3) Deacons were ordained: Brother Cutis Beed, Brother Reginald Walton, and Brother Henry Talley II.
During the years o
On August 10, 1997, we held a Dedication Service for the Laying of the Cornerstone.
On March 14, 1998, Deacon Ordination Services was held for Brothers Charles Joly, Harvey Dew Sr., and Terell Thomas.
In 1999, we had seven (7) people to come as Candidates for Baptism. We were also in the process of adding a baptismal pool.
On July 11, 2000, we baptized five (5) new members.
A Dedication Service was held on February 18, 2001 for our new Baptismal Pool and sanctuary furniture. Our special guest ministers were the Reverend R.L. Baynham, Pastor of the Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, and the Reverend Lemuel E. Wynn, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Quindaro.
We baptized one candidate on Easter Sunday 2001. Shortly afterward, three (3) additional candidates were baptized.
It has been a privilege to fellowship with all of the various churches throughout the years. We praise God Almighty for enabling us to be a part of this fellowship.