WELCOME to the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church family!!! It is always with great joy that we welcome visitors into our fellowship, for we believe that the Lord has actually blessed our fellowship with you becoming a part of it! We want you to feel at home here.

The Baptist Church
As Baptists, we believe in “Believers Baptism” and this is in first requirement in becoming a member of the Church. It was for this reason we ask people to make a statement before the congregation. That confession says that you have accepted Christ as Savior, your sins are forgiven, and there is peace in your soul. In becoming a Christian you obey the commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ, to follow Him in baptism by immersion, and have united with His Church.
The working definition of a local church is “A company of regenerate persons, baptized by immersion on a profession of faith in Christ: united in covenant for worship, instruction, the observance of Christian ordinances, and for such service as the Gospel requires: recognizing and accepting Christ as their supreme Lord and Lawgiver, and taking His Word as their only and sufficient rule of faith and practice in all matters of conscience and religion.
A shorter definition “A Baptist church is an organized body of baptized believers equal in rank and privileges, administering its affairs under the headship of Christ, united in the belief of what He has taught, covenanting together to do what He has commanded, and cooperating with other like bodies in kingdom building”
These definitions of the church encompass within them all that we understand the church to be as Baptist. We see in them that we have a great privilege in being members of Baptist Churches.
Note that we use the term “Churches” and not “Church”! this then becomes one of the first things which make us unique as a church. We believe each church to be complete within itself. That is, each church has local autonomy, and therefore is not subject to any outside forces whatever. That only Christ through the Holy Spirit dictates to the local church.

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